The Emmys 2019 – Hello Dear

The Emmys 2019 – Hello Dear : The 71st annual Emmy Awards will be held at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time). If you want to see the talent pool at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, the red carpet preview starts at 19:00 EST (16:00 EST).

Will your favorite TV shows, actors and writers take home? To be the first person to be discovered, you must always be vigilant. All the information you would like to know about the Emmy Award will be presented below.

In addition, all of the services listed below are paid cable services, but they offer a free trial. Therefore, if you do not want to keep your subscription, do not forget to cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period, so no fee will be charged.

Streaming media services are growing, and the number of nominees is growing. HBO has a total of 137 nominations, of which 32 nominations are for Game of Thrones only. In 1994, NYPD Blue won six nominations, breaking the previous record. Barry and Chernobyl have several nominations: 17 and 19.

Netflix did not lag behind in 117 nominations, but took first place in terms of services and networks. NBC has 58 nominations and Amazon Prime Video has 47 nominations.

Sunday Emmy Awards Gala is the biggest carnival night of the television industry in this wave of change. For large broadcast networks that still follow the rhythm of traditional business, more and more people fly on the days following the Emmy Award.

Starting Monday night, four major broadcasters – ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC – will launch about 60 new and returning prime time programs per week. This is the official start of the 2019-2020 television season, designated by Nielsen in the Byzantine system. The Byzantine system is associated with long-term factors, ranging from the priorities of advertisers to the upcoming holidays, professional sports calendars and even early autumn sunsets.

The prime time bottleneck for the premiere week seems to be out of date for viewers who are now used to demanding all broadcasts and year-round broadcasts. At the same time, with the launch of streaming media from Disney, Apple and other media companies, the menu will be longer in the coming months, and the platform will offer a large number of new programs and old libraries.

When new cars, big films, and Christmas shopping ads appear, some network managers will be surprised by each narrow launch window. Most of the premieres are packaged for a week, which not only aggravates the competition of broadcasters with the main competitors, but also attracts endless programming options that viewers can call on demand.

Andy Kubitz, executive vice president of program strategy at ABC, said: “Unfortunately, we all scream in a room full of screams.”

Emmy nominee Good Place premieres this week. Photo: NBC
To focus, some networks reduce the number of new shows they send to drown or swim in the fall. However, since broadcasters remain in contact with this seasonal cycle, they use the first week of broadcast to create progressive marketing and cross-promotion recordings, starting with the Emmy TV broadcast itself.

“This is a great opportunity to promote the entire business throughout the broadcast, and this will happen on the eve of the premiere,” said Dan Harrison, Fox Entertainment’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning. Tv trans

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