Watch Emmys 2019

Watch Emmys 2019: Now, in 71st, at the 2019 Emmy Awards, TV shows and performances made us laugh, cry and shamelessly answer when Netflix asked, “Are you still watching?”

The award ceremony took place on Sunday, September 22, at the Los Angeles Theater Microsoft. This is the fourth time in history when there were no owners. However, the absence of a host does not mean that the power of an Emmy award star is weakening. In fact, the opposite!

Cable TV users can also listen to live broadcasts through the or FOX NOW app. The ceremony will also feature streaming media services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue.

Even after the final award has been accepted, the excitement is far from over. Go back to E! After Party: 2019 Emmy Award Ceremony. Co-hosted by Nightly Pop host Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker and Hunter March and Erin Lim from The Rundown, we will break the most memorable moments of the Emmy Award.
Firstly, by downloading E, make sure you get VIP tickets for important nights! Application. Then start at 4:30 pm. 13:30 Eastern Standard Time PST, E! Moderators, experts and special guests will discuss all aspects of popular culture in our special program “Red Carpet Countdown: 2019 Emmy”. By tradition, E will continue in the evening! lives with the red carpet. From 6:00 p.m. EST / 3 p.m. PST and until Emmy show, our Juliana Rancic, Jason Kennedyar and Hollywood’s largest Stars speak one on one.

In addition, if you like a drink that is shaken or stirred, you can also cover the ball. Charles Jory, the official bartender at the School of Television, created a grand show with drinks, cocktails, commensurate with a theme called Fantastic M and Little Dragon.

“Charles came up with amazing Ketel One award-winning cocktails that will go on all night, and he not only came up with this award-winning cocktail, but also graced them,” Ceccetto said.

On the first night of the Emmy Award Ceremony at the Academy of Television on September 14, RuPol presented the award to the outstanding organizer of the reality show RuPaul Resistance Race at the Governor’s Ball.
On September 14, RuPol won the first night of the 2019 Emmy Awards for Creativity at the School of Television, and at the Governor’s Ball, he received an award for the outstanding leader of the RuPaul Resistance Contest program. (Colin Young Wolf / Invision for TV Academy / AP Pictures)

The dessert menu is filled with miniature milkshakes, Sneerdoodle blondes and toffee puddings, offering you a warm double chocolate cake with cakes, raspberry chia seeds and Lindt truffles, which are the official sponsors of the event. One of the business.

Watch E! Live broadcast from the red carpet. Coverage for the Emmy Awards in 2019 begins with the special countdown show, which starts today at 4:30 p.m. 13:30 PT! PT! After watching an Emmy TV show, watch the most important moment of the night watching E! After 11 pm the party is over! Do not miss E on Monday, September 23! 7 pm news for all Emmys!
Answering a question about the delights of the “governor’s ball” in the industry, Sicetto listed the celebrations that night and added that it was a great time for those who rarely saw each other.

“The industry shines with the industry every year in a magnificent, fabulous and beautiful setting, accompanied by extraordinary music, sparkling wine and food – this year it will be held from the inside under the stars of L.A. Live. “

Although large-scale celebrations for the 71st Emmy Awards are still in full swing, 2019 marks the retreat of many regular customers. There are many reasons for this, including the movement of all talent agencies to cancel their annual party, the merger of companies such as Disney and Fox, and the decision of the women’s film organization to donate money originally intended for the family planning party.

But don’t worry, there are still many places where you can put your things on the red carpet, grab world-class snacks, drink high-quality wines and fine wines, and even carry a few candy bags while celebrating a small screen. The best stuff available. As always, these events are private and should only be invited.

Confidential Los Angeles Emmy Award by Linda Cardellini
Kimpton Everly Hotel, Argyll Street 1800, Hollywood
Wednesday, September 18, 7 p.m.

The opening prelude was Linda Cardellini, coordinator of the Los Angeles Confidential, whose cover star Fashion + Emmy. She will be there, and there may be other famous actors such as Lena Headey, No. 2019, Justin Baldoni, Raid Scott and La Laverne Cox.