Emmys 2019

Emmys 2019 :  How to Watch tonight full show live stream online without TV cable for free in HD. Click here for more details. The biggest night is coming on television. On Sunday, the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards will feature the best dramatic, comedy, limited edition and variety shows on television last year.

This year, Whip, “The Game of Power” and “The Big Bang Theory” and other vocalists sang their swan songs, and there were many awards at the award ceremony. The Television Academy and Fox, the network of award ceremonies this year, canceled the award ceremony (just like the Oscars, although they made decisions less dramatic), they said that would make the broadcast more focused on the list of nominations, and Highlight the last season of these shows.

The biggest advantage of HBO was its participation in the award ceremony: 137 nominations were divided into nominations for Game of Thrones, Vip, Chernobyl and Barry. Netflix followed closely with 117 nominations, including Ozark, I Die, House of Cards and Russian Dolls.

But the biggest story in last season’s Game of Thrones is because she led the Emmy Award in 2019 with 32 nominations (including the best episodes). With a big win at the Creative Arts Emmy Award last weekend, the series is expected to return its share of equipment on Sunday.

However, this is not entirely about the Game of Thrones at the Emmy Awards. After winning the comedy Amazing Emmy Award in 2018, Mrs. Wonderful Meisel received 20 nominations, followed by Barry and the limited edition Fosse / Verdon respectively.

There are a lot of matches in the game at this Sunday Emmy Awards, but the most interesting thing is whether the Power game will bring another glory. After the last polarization season, the torchbearer will collide again. To the torch.

Over the weekend, HBO drama took a step in this direction, called the Emmy Award for Creative Art, and won 10 victories in the field of visual effects, music, editing and makeup, which brought the total in its history. Raised to 57 games.

In the past, Tron is already the most famous series in history and the most nominated series, second only to Saturday Night Live, which is over 40 years old. The following rating.

To focus, some networks reduce the number of new shows they send to drown or swim in the fall. However, since broadcasters remain in contact with this seasonal cycle, they use the first week of broadcast to create progressive marketing and cross-promotion recordings, starting with the Emmy TV broadcast itself.

“This is a great opportunity to promote the entire business throughout the broadcast, and this will happen on the eve of the premiere,” said Dan Harrison, Fox Entertainment’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning. An Emmy television broadcast on Fox this year is broadcast annually between broadcasters.

Fox begins its fall season and debuts as an independent network. When Disney bought other major entertainment assets of the 21th Century Fox last spring for $ 71.3 billion last spring, that’s all. Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox Network, shares the property with the parent company News Corp., News Corp.

Fox’s “Masked Singer” will return Wednesday and make the two-hour premiere. Photo: FOX
Fox released three new series of scripts, including Defective, a work by a psychologist (Tom Payne), who is deeply versed in criminal psychology because of his Father (Michael Sheen), a serial killer. Fox’s top priority is maintaining the great success of The Masked Singer last year. The music / mystery will return on Wednesday and will be shown within two hours.

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Five things about the Emmy Award
One of the factors that rushed to Fox’s premiere was the proactive broadcast in the playoffs of the U.S. Major League and world competitions in October. Mr. Harrison said: “Baseball in the playoffs is growing rapidly, so we want to act and use higher ratings because the country has become darker before.”

After the series premiered in October last year, ABC re-concentrated its firepower in the first week of the season. Mr Kubitz of ABC said: “The point is to develop habits among the audience.”

In the returning ABC series, the new program to be launched this week is the hybrid, the second derivative of the black series. The exciting mysterious family drama “Appearance” and “Sampton”, played by Kobe Smalders, is an army veterinarian who turns to the private eye. Adapted from a graphic novel, the crime scene is not in New York or Los Angeles, but in Portland, Oregon.

CBS has never used its digital approach to the premiere, and it adds several new comedy stories, including the story of the courtship of one pair of Chuck Lorre, co-founder of the Big Bang Theory. “Bob Harts Abishola.” , CBS began with an hour-long program, including the new court drama “All Rise,” which enters the paranormal scene with producers Michelle and Robert King. The creators of the “good wife” and “battle” emerge from “evil” legal behavior, one of the skeptical psychologists and a trained Catholic priest regarding the so-called demonic property and other “X” Archives “such things are being investigated.

At the Emmy Award Ceremony, NBC is the only company broadcasting the most popular TV shows with the comedy Good Place and the series It’s Us. Try introducing music into programs that are not Voice. After canceling the musical “Rise” for high school last year, NBC is experimenting with “Perfect Harmony,” a comedy directed by Bradley Whitford as a music professor and urban church choir.

CW, the fifth largest broadcast network, hopes to launch its premiere this week on October 6 to find a place for the elbow. In the returned DC Comics roster, Batdess has been added to the network. Vigilant heroes (also known as Kate Kane) are also lesbians. CW managed to make Archie and Jughead sexy with the black Riverdale melody, and now the network has again introduced another character born in the 1930s: Nancy Drew (as the young detective Kennedy McMann) debuted after Riverdale on October 9